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Hello all sorry haven’t posted in a while been busy with work. Anyway, been spending the last couple weekends in the filth of roppongi to find those wonderful LBFM’s and have some good reports. Motown upstairs is fairly quite for filipinas, there were some older regulars that i used to see every weekend but haven’t seen then in quite some time. There are most African prostitutes there and the scene looks not as good as it used to be. Motown B1 is still pretty good, much better class of people there.

Anyway back to the main subject. I looks like the place to go these days to meet filipinas is First Bar. that place is like a convenience store for these dirty sluts. All types are there, young, old, skinny,  fat, just take your pick. There are so many filipinas in there it is almost like being in the Philippines.

In first bar the older filipinas are the easiest to get because they are so unhappy with their lives in japan. Most have live there over 10 years, they are married to a japanese guy who they hate, they all have 1-5 kids and just want to have some fun. the problem with the older filipinas is that for the most part their bodies are destroyed by having kids, saggy tits, stretch marks, they tend to be fat and sloppy loose pussies. Gut Generally they are easy to get with the techniques described in the first post. jus tell them how much you love them and how you are looking for a wife, adn your in.

My favorite are the 18-25 year olds, they all got great bodies, are very tight, you don’t have to hear story after story about how they hate their husbands. all they want to is have fun and lots of sex, for the most part they are hostesses or there on a overstayed tourist visa, so they are looking for anyone who might give them a green card. Since most of them have never been anywhere nice you can take them to tgi fridays and they will be happy.

One thing I do to get the attention of younger filipinas is to have a wad of cash. I photocopied a bunch of 10000 yen but just one side but those on the botton at least 20 of them, then on top i put about 20- 1000 bills then a few 5000 and top off with a couple 10000 bills. so it is a pretty impressive wad of cash. when i see a group of filipinas that i want i make sure i order a drink, pull out that wad and let them see what i have. I don’t even have to try and approach them. They are all over me. its great how simple and stupid filipinas are. they will believe anything without question, just to try and get you to spend your cash on them.  BUT REMEMBER, MAKE LOTS OF PROMISES TO THEM BUT NEVER DELIVER.

Check this out i have a friend, he is the the most conservative black guy you would ever meet, even in his off time he is dressed up in a suit.  When talking to him he even sounds white. Here is is technique for getting filipinas in Roppongi.

The last time he went back to the states he went to New York and bought a shitload of Hip-Hop/Rapper style clothes. The funny thing is that he does not even like rap or hiphop but one thing he know is that Filipinas love hiphop and filipinas also love black guys.

So anyway, when he goes to roppongi he dresses like a hiphop guy and works his magic on the filipinas, he changes his voice tone and talks like an ignorant dirtbag. I love watching him because of how fast he will meet someone and leave the club for a blowjob in an alley or go back to his room bang them then go back to first bar and get another one.  He the fake business card thing also. He made up some fake record label and gave him a title of vice president music video talent coordinator, he does not even dance and he has these filipinas all over him. whats more funny is that he never spends any money on them. he makes them buy drinks, saying he’ll pay them back later. but he never does.

any have fun out there and keep the stories coming

next report will be from the Philippines


Roppongi drink hustlers

Something to watch out for. if you meet women in any bar in roppongi and the are overly friendly to you BE VERY CAREFUL. What these women do is find their mark which is usally a drunk westerner, act very nice to him, flirt, touch him. Once they win his confidence that he is going to bang them, they suggest you go to another bar. At that new bar they first suggest getting some shots, then a couple drinks or two Then after sometime of having some fun with them the con starts, they want to order bottles of wine and champagne at $200-$400 per bottle or more. you get a few of these then mysteriously the women you were having fun with disappear. Then your screwed with an 800-1000 bar tab.  What most people don’t know is that these women are hired by various bars in Roppongi and get a 40-50% commision on what they get you to buy. so be careful, once you hear a women you meet try to get you to buy champagne or wine its time for you to leave.


Filipina Roppongi girls

Hello all here are some proven GUARANTEED ways of meeting and getting laid in Roppongi. This blog was conceived after spending a lot of time in Roppongi and observing who is successful and who is not. Also techniques I have developed over the years of going there. This is designed to help you get more ass than a toilet seat for as little money and headache as possible.

Roppongi girls are the most evil accursed women to ever walk the Earth. Turn your back for a second and they’ve switched boyfriends. But they can be a lot of fun if used properly.

First off be White, hopefully from the US but Europe will work also

If you can’t meet this requirement, then be black, that’s really just as good. If that’s also out of the question, then be whatever you happen to be, as long as you’re not Brazilian or from Southeast Asia. If you’re one of those, pretend to be ethnic Canadian.

Don’t waste your time with the Thai girls the Russians or Easter Europeans, unless you want to spend money. They are strictly business and once they realize you’re not an ATM they are done with you.

The best places to meet Filipinas is 1st Bar, Motown upstairs and Motown B1, 911 are probably the best to meet a Filipina, or Thai

Next a bit of a warning. There are a lot of ladyboys in the area of Roppongi especially at Motown upstairs and some of them are very convincing in their looks so if that is not your thing, i’m not saying anything is wrong but just watch out. They tend to come out later in the evening when most of the people have been drinking for a while.

The Japanese are fairly easy to pickup but a lot of times they are already with groups of people and it’s a little difficult to get in. Another problem with Japanese girls is that many times there is a language barrier. The easiest group of women to take back to your hotel is the Filipinas. First, most of them speak English and they are so impressed with the fact that you are an American or European they will at least engage you in some conversation. Here is where the fun begins.

Even if the girl is a prostitute there are very good chances are you can get her for free. If you are staying in a very nice hotel such as the Imperial hotel, Conrad, Grand Hyatt etc. But you got to work them, they are easy, sometimes the promise of champagne and chocolates and the chance to stay in a nice hotel is better than cash. Even though they have heard the same lines over and over again try to be unique. Since most of the western guys in Roppongi are businessmen they usually don’t dress very hip. Just look cooler than the douche in a suit and you’ll have the Filipinas taking numbers…

When you identify your target just start to make conversation. BE VERY NICE AND KIND EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO PRETEND, IF YOUR A DICK MOST FILIPINAS WILL WALK. Keep things simple. Stay low-key and use lots of vague answers. If you’re asked about your job, make up something in the fashion industry, financial, music industry and my personal favorite family immigration attorney. When they hear that their ears perk up and they already have a plan for you. Just don’t say you teach English, because that locks you into an exclusive club of 99% of the foreigners in Tokyo, none of whom are known for buying expensive gifts, which is one of the things that the girl has on her mind at this particular moment. If this goes well, then you’re ready to make your move.

Since you’re probably going to be in a loud bar, talk about how crowded it is, and suggest a move to somewhere quieter and less crowded. If she agrees, then you’re golden because there is only about one place in Tokyo that is quiet and crowded, and that is a love hotel. Or your hotel, remember the nicer the easier it is to get a Filipina for Love Hotels, she will probably have a favorite (for which you will be paying), but if not just look for neon.

Basically just say whatever you think will get them back to your room. BUT BE PREPARED FOR YOUR LIES TO THEM

A friend of mine uses this on a regular basis. Say you’re a pilot this gets an instant response because in their small minds they are already thinking of a trip you will take them on. But remember you are not the first pilot the met. Do research on pilot terminology, research which planes come to Japan on the airline you say you work for. Go to and make a fake identity card and business card this can be easily done in any of the graphic design programs. I’m sure you can Google and find a photo of an id card it does not have to be perfect remember your showing it to a chick in a dark bar. Also get some business cards made up.

Something i’ve done is to make fake business cards. Many times I just scan cards I get from my clients and in Photoshop just replace the name and print all you need is a few different ones for a weekend. But here is the key they need to have an important title such as president, vice president, director etc. and do it with companies that would interest chicks.

Most of these Filipinas that spend their life in Roppongi came from a shitty third world country they are not very well educated or sophisticated although some think they are they are not well travelled, their only experience with different cultures are the expats and the travelling business men they meet in roppongi. They live in shitty small apartments; a lot of them are married and cheating on their old Japanese husbands that they only married for a green card

Here is a tip

The later it gets the more your odds increase to pickup one of these LBFM’s. If they haven’t found a man for the evening then they are sleeping in mc donalds, starbucks etc., so those are good places to troll. If you see Filipinas heading for Mc Donald’s and Starbucks to sleep, this is your best chance to score. If they are heading that direction that means they have not met a man for the night and since they are too cheap to get a room this is your chance to pounce on one of these LBFM’s. But make if very clear to them, that before they get to sleep in your room you need to be serviced. If they balk at that walk away immediately. I guarantee 80% of the time they will say wait and you’ll get some nice action.

When you get them back to your hotel if they are not naked taking care of business very soon after the door closes, then it is time to tell them to leave be nice but firm.

Don’t worry if the girl you want leaves with someone else she will be back the next day and the next day. Most of the Filipinas you see in places like motown, first bar, 911 etc. this is their life, they don’t have hobbies, men are their hobby

Number one rule is lie to them, but be prepared

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